Healing The Natural Way

CBD for Animals

Those with aging, sick, or injured pets know the frustration and heartbreak of feeling unable to provide safe and effective relief of their pain and symptoms. Watching your furry family member struggle with pain and mobility issues can be heart wrenching. Finding a natural alternative to potentially harmful medications can make the struggle even worse.

Fortunately, thanks to recent advances in veterinary care, the popularity of CBD-based products for animals has blossomed. Locally manufactured from Kentucky-grown industrial hemp, each Kentucky Gold CBD product is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Safe for use in both humans and animals, our line of products give pet owners peace of mind while treating their pets health issues.

Many clients of Kentucky Gold report that their cats and dogs experience surprising levels of rejuvenation, enjoying more energy and flexibility. All of our testing has been done by world champions, congress companions, AQHA trainers, we have seen incredible results with our show horses after routine use of high-quality, full spectrum, THC-free CBD products. Every Kentucky Gold CBD product is backed by a long and proven tradition of excellence and care.

Not sure if CBD is right for your pet? At Kentucky Gold, we’ll provide all the information and guidance you need for you to make an educated decision regarding CBD and its application. Find out more by contacting us now.