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Organically Grown Kentucky Grown Hemp

The Salmon farm is a approved Industrial Hemp Farmer with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

All Products are Third Party Tested, and come with a QR code on label so you may scan and find your Certificate of Analysis

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The active component of the Hemp plant, cannabinoids, have shown to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. We work with a number of patients who use cannabis to treat their cancer and suppress it's side effects.

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CBD contains antispasmodic qualities which relax muscles and has shown to be an effective treatment for seizures. Full Spectrum oils that are rich in cannabidol (CBD), are the preferred method for treatment.

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Chronic Pain

Patients who suffer from chronic pain caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, and other diseases have been turning to CBD as a way to treat their pain without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications.

Our THC Free Line

The main differences between THC and CBD

Giving us complete quality control over every product our customers enjoy, we grow and distribute our own locally grown hemp and CBD products. Never compromising our standards nor cutting any corner, we offer all-natural remedies, free of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We can promise quality because we grow quality.

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Happy thoughts from our clients

"After using KY Gold CBD, I feel like I am getting my life back the pain is not totally gone but it greatly lessned. I am much more active and sleep better. I am hoping to continue to improve."  

-Lisa Ream, Louisville KY

"Recently I tried the 4000mg, in one week an issue that I have that WOULD NOT GO AWAY DID. No pharmaceuticals, God has a differenet plan for me!!"

-Cathy, Louisville KY

" My wife has been using Ky Gold CBD for her Lupus pain, and she loves it, Black Cherry flavored"

- Alan Kent Showmaker, East Milton Florida

"I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia and pain from a Horse accident, for two yeaars arthritis once I started taking 4000mg I have to say Im feeling llike a different person. The fibromyalgia symptoms have subsided and the arthritis pain I would get when it rains is no longer there. Not 100 percent free of pain but I have to give the oil the credit, Im so happy to have the relief. "

-Royetta, Louisville KY

" I was very skeptical about this for a long time but I gave it a try, and WOW I don't have sharp pains in my feet anymore. My blood pressue is controlled no need for medication anymore. My A1C diabetes is MUCH BETTER  and the good colesteral is where it needs to be. I am long time customer now and owe it to KY Gold."

-Jeff, Carrollton GA