Healing The Natural Way


I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia and pain from a horse accident for the last two yrs along with arthritis and once Kelly recommended a certain dose for me I have to say I’m feeling like a different person. The fibromyalgia symptoms have subsided and the arthritis pain I would get when it is about to rain is no longer there. I have been doing several different things at the Same time to try to help like eating different, strength training and the oil but I think I have to give the oil the biggest credit because before when I would work out my fibromyalgia was worse (which made it hard to work out) and I had not found anything that could help with my arthritis pain until I started the oil. I’m not a 100% pain free but I’m so happy to have the relief that I’ve gotten!! Thanks Kelly!

- Royetta Wardrip

I love this place. Everyone I have dealt with there has been more than friendly and VERY informative on the product. I have been using CBD for about 2 months now and i am a form believer in it. I highly recommended these folks. They are great ppl and it’s a local business! Thanks you all!!

-Sean Collier

I have an autoimmune disease and experience a lot of pain with it. Have tried lots of prescription medications that have terrible side effects. I researched CBD oil to see if it would help pain and inflammation and wanted to try it. I was concerned about purity and pesticides. It was very important to know it was truly organic and have confidence in the source. When I learned Salmon Farms was producing their own oil I ordered from them. I know them personally and trust them to produce truly organic hemp. I have been using the oil for about three months now.

I feel like I am getting my life back- the pain is not totally gone but it greatly lessened. I am much more active and sleep better. I am hoping to continue to improve.

-Lisa Blake Ream